About Us

The purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity for LGBT aid and development workers to come together, have fellowship and network with each other. There are a lot of us out there but not a place for us to meet! We hope this group changes that. This is an inclusive group, encouraging members to “come as you are”. We encourage and seek diversity and want everyone who attends to feel welcome.

We have three goals – community for gay aid workers, advocating for better org policies in aid and development organizations, and providing resources to both orgs and gay aid workers on subjects such as HR and deployment.

Who’s running this place?

We’re a mix of people who’ve recognized that, despite the large amount of gay aid workers, there is a huge gap and barely any connectedness even with the particular (and sometimes downright weird) issues we deal with as gay aid workers in the field.


Ryan was the one who came up with the idea to create LGBT Aid and Development Workers. Coincidentally enough, he also had basic WordPress skills to help it take off. He has worked mostly in the Middle East, but also has experience at HQs in New York and Seattle. Currently, he works in needs assessments in the Middle East. You can follow him at @RyanDelafosse. All messages from our Contact Us page go to him, including the random spam.


Kate works in an advisory capacity with LGBT Aid and Development Workers. She helps review our work plans, gives advice, and helps maintain a lot of our social media presence. Currently, she works in communications for a humanitarian NGO. You can follow her at @kate_dc.